Broga Sak Dato Temple, Semenyih

This is some piece of paradise.
We followed the straight road from University of Nottingham down a stretch of some 5km, to find this 'masterpiece' nestled in the quaint little town of Broga. Since expansion of this temple 16 years ago, its been attracting tourists, both local and overseas who come to be mesmerized by the statues and landscaping depicting the many characters from Chinese customs and folklore. Which got me thinking gone were the days when we visit temples with the basic shrine and altar for the sole purpose of praying to the Gods for this and for that - nowadays, modernisation kicks in and temples are vying to be a touristy spot and looking better than ever.
I mean, is this impressive or what?
They got all sorts, like this old man fishing from a pond. There must be some moral of a story related to this guy, probably to teach one about 'patience' like this poor fellow who has grown so old and is still eagerly waiting for a fish to take his bait.
Durians! Now, that's a first in the gardens of a temple.
Fruits...(GIANT ones) are found all around as they represent the different seasons of the year. The temple has formed a foundation known as Orchard of the Fruits of Kindness in 1992 and till today, they aim to channel funds to the poor, up to RM 30K-50K monthly. A noble deed indeed.
Till today, they have donated more than RM 3mil to some 3,000 people. Where do these funds come from? Various generous individuals from the local community and afar.
If this basket of fruits was real, it'll be worth my lifetime supply of Vit C.
This gold nugget is mine!
I love these gigantic peaches! They look like giant 'paos'.
Muahaha... I'm getting my hands on anything that symbolises riches and wealth.
Anything coming from Kuan Yin must be good for me too. tee-hee...
I found a skinny horse in the gardens so I climbed on his back.
This dude found some pigs and chose a petite fragile-looking piglet to sit on instead.
Many other photo opportunities with your zodiac animal could be found behind this arch, known as "The Dragon Gate". Nice eh the tree sculptures behind us...
er, where did these people appear from suddenly...

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