Perfect Ten

I'm posting my fine dining experience in Ten, Marc Residence again because it is just too good not to share out. 
Chose this place to treat hubby on his birthday. Thank God we both adore Jap cuisine. Luckily we arrived at about noon as it was fully occupied by 1pm! Amazingly, on this Saturday afternoon, the occupants were mostly Japanese and they seemed to know one another as they exchanged greetings and bows. Probably residing in Marc Residence. My instant thought was that for a Jap to dine in this restaurant, i know it must be good.
After a few flips of the lunch menu (dinner menu's priced differently), my choice was their Signature Lunch Box.  

The prettiest Bento Box i've ever seen! So pretty i dont even know where to begin eating. 

Their selection of sashimi is super fresh! 

Hubby chose to indulge in a lunch course set. This is the middle range priced course. 

Look, no kids! 😜

First course. 

Second course. 
Main course of wagyu beef 100g only but cooked to perfection! Even a toothless grandma would enjoy this to the last bit.  

And this gets my vote for best garlic fried rice ever! Looks meh here but something about the aroma and texture of the rice made me gobble down the entire bowl even though i was already stuffed from my bento. It was seriously THAT good! 
Even hubby was stunned by the first mouthful! 
Last but not least, dessert was a generous 2-piece cheesecake served with heavenly yuzu ice cream. Sinfully delicious. 
I would so recommend this place again for their wagyu n garlic rice (hahaha). Gotta start coming up with new 'reasons for celebration' to dine here again. 

Oh and don't forget your coffee/ tea afterwards, a perfect ending to an absolutely fulfilling Saturday lunch. 

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